First steps to designing a bathroom

Focus on the space conditions.

Space constraints will affect the design and functionality of the bathroom.  Prior to visiting the bath showrooms, one should measure the intended space, and mark items such as outlets, plumbing, windows and doors, before deciding on the placement of the showers, bathtubs and toilets, and bath cabinets. 

In small or narrow spaces there may not be room for a standard bathtub, and you may have to compromise on a smaller bath-tub or only a shower.  The shape of the shower will also be dictated by the space you have: some spaces only allow for a corner shower and others for an alcove  shower.  Pay attention to the leave-taking from the shower or bathtub and make sure you have enough room to open the door and to comfortably move about.

Regarding the placement of the WC in relation to the shower or bathtub, are they next to each other, or across from each other?  If the bath is to be used by different members of the household, you want to be sure that each will have their privacy.  If the WC is placed under a window, you can use a concealed cistern, and a bath-tub is best to place under a window.

Quality of the products.

Remember that remodeling the bath is not something you do very often, and the shower or bathtub will accompany you for many years.  Therefore, choose quality products, made from resistant raw materials and manufactured by top Israeli companies who provide unique solution and have a ready supply of spare parts and after-service.  Don’t compromise on the materials or on a warranty.  It is recommended that you choose a bathtub that protects against scratches and rust, with a top-quality coating. 


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