Meeting the standards – Sanitary ware

Meeting the standards – Sanitary ware


All the Israeli standards adopted over the last few years were made to adapt them to the European standards.


Inspection process at the Standards Institute:

  1. To inspect the functioning of the product.
  2. To inspect the integrity of the product.
  3. To ensure physical and sanitary safety
  4. To ensure they fit the standards


The list of relevant standards:

  1. Standard 146 – short WC and hanging WC with concealed water tanks
  2. Standard 239 – bath basins from ceramic material
  3. Standard 972 – kitchen sinks from ceramic material
  4. Standard 1385 – WC’s with attached water tanks
  5. Standard 851 – plastic water tanks
  6. Standard 1172 – toilet seats


Certificate can be seen in this file: PDF