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Frequently Asked Questions:
What short hanging WC’s does Hamat have?

Basic model, Lotem 48.
More prestigious is Smart 48

What short monobloc does Hamat have?

Omega or Rotem are 64cm long

What kinds of standards are there?

Official standard which is mandatory for every manufacturer and importer (for WC’s and cisterns only)
Non-official standards – not mandatory

What standards are relevant for WC’s, cisterns and sinks?

1385, 851, 972, 239, 146

How to solve low water pressure in faucets?

Make sure the valves under the sink are open.  Make sure the aerators are clean.  If it’s a faucet with a hand shower – take out the restrictor and make sure it is clean and replace.

Change the cartridge

What are the existing types of glass?

Glass thickness: 4, 6 and 8 mm.  In different finishes and textures: clear, granite, chinchilla, frosty, grey, bronze, acid, flutes, squares, etc.

Which types of showers exist?
  1. By size: Either standard or custom-made
  2. By shape: sliding doors or opening
  3. By use: rounded, alcove, corner
The faucet moves freely on the sink

Tighten the nut underneath the sink.


Do the kitchen sinks Chef and Delta fit a kitchen cabinet of 60cm?

Yes, they are both appropriate

Is it recommended to install a shower on a shower tray or directly on the shower floor?

Either way is fine.

Shower tray advantages: Its smooth, designed and easy to clean.  Trays are available in ceramic or acrylic in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Floor advantage:  No limitation to the size or shape of the shower.  One needs to plan the slope of the floor in advance to provide efficient drainage. 

Can sinks be made in sizes not in the catalogue?

No, since that would require a new mold at a prohibitive cost

Is it possible to purchase a top only in ceramic for a cistern?

No, because the top and cistern wont match because they must be fired together. 

Faucet handle loosens

Remove the blue/red button and tighten the screw underneath the handle with an Allen key

How to clean a kitchen sink or WC?

The affected area needs to be soaked in bleach for 10 minutes.  After that you should use steel wool to clean the area.  For serious stains, use acid at 10% for 10 minutes.  After, rub with steel wool and wash thoroughly.

You should be very careful when using any acids. 

How can you clean a toilet seat?

Use a rag only to avoid scratches.  Use water with a little soap only

How do you fit a toilet seat?

The toilet seat must fit the toilet aesthetically and practically.  The hinges should be made of stainless steel.  Be sure you have a warranty of at last one year on the toilet seat.

How to clean a shower stall?

You should use a damp cloth after every use, to prevent the accumulation of limescale.  You should not use any aggressive cleaning agents such as acids and limescale cleaners.  Limescale can be removed using regular vinegar, diluted with water. 

What is the height of the installation for a hanging WC?

Regular hanging WC’s – 33-34cm
Handicapped hanging WC’s – 40 cm
Children’s hanging WC’s – 31cm

What is the height of the shower stall?

Standard height is 185 cm.  The height can be extended to 200cm.
Showers with minimalist hinges can be installed even higher

What’s the difference between profile hinges and minimalist hinges?

Profile hinges: Assembled the full length of the glass, open in/out and go up and down when opening.  Chrome or matt chrome.
Minimalist hinges:  Assembled between the glass and wall.  Open in/out and made from brass.  Has a designed, cleaned look.  Cannot be installed on plaster walls or walls that are not straight.

What are the WC sizes?

Short WC with space limitations – length of 48 to 52 cm maximum
Regular WC where there are no space limitations – length of 52-58 cm.
If there is no space limitation,  a 55cm WC will give the best feeling of comfort.

What is a country kitchen sink with an exposed front?

This is a single bowl, large kitchen sink (75 cm length) which is undermounted under the marble.  Two significant characteristics: the front of the sink is exposed, and the sink extends a few cm beyond the cabinet.

This is a strong trend, that comes from America and is often installed in a country style kitchen.  The sink is fireclay (ceramic) with a natural glaze that is more appealing then a stainless steel or granite sink for this style.

What to do if there is a leak in the faucet area?

Tighten the nut on the cartridge, and if that doesn’t work, replace the cartridge. 

What should I do if there is a leak from the spout when the faucet is turned off?

Replace the cartridge

What guarantees the standard?

Testing of the product functionality, safety of the product, adaptation to parallel standards.

What is the recommended outlet size for WC’s?

It needs to be relatively large (9cm x 11 cm at least).  The back wall cannot be too prominent, so that the material can pass through.

What is a dual quantity toilet tank flush?

The WC standard requires two flush quantities and buttons: small button for 3 liters of water; large button for 6 liters if water. 

What is a hydraulic toilet seat?

This refers to a type of toilet seat, adapted to the shape of an exclusive WC, which is usually sold with the WC itself.  The seat is similar to other common seats, but with 2 characteristics:

  • The seat and seat cover drop slowly with the help of small pistons that are assembled on the toilet seat mechanism.
  • In addition, the seat and cover can be easily disengaged from the mechanism to allow for easy cleaning (recommended once a month)

Additional names for hydraulic toilet seats are soft close, slow fall, etc.

What is tempered glass?

This is glass that went through a process of heating to an elevated temperature and then cooling.  This process strengthens the glass, and in case of shattering, the glass breaks up into small fragments.  Glass that has gone through the tempering process cannot be changed at all afterwards.

What is the warranty for WC’s and water tanks?

Three full year warranty for the mechanism that is assembled inside the tank of the monobloc.  After this period, the cost will be 200 shekels to replace the mechanism (parts + labor). 


One full year warranty for the performance of the concealed water tank of Hamat (Neptune, Hawai).  After this period, parts are provided at no additional cost, and labor will be 200 shekels.

What are the desired dimensions of a shower enclosure?

The standard dimensions of a corner shower are either 80/80cm or 90/90 cm.

In instances where the consumer chooses a custom-made shower, any size can be made, as per the desire of the customer and make-up of the bath to maximize comfort and aesthetics. 

Water leak under the sink.

First make sure there are no leaks from the wall valves or the connecting hoses, and if there are, tighten the connectors.  If the leak is from bath accessories, replace those.  Make sure the rubber sealer is in its proper place on the top of the countertop, and the nut on the bottom is tightened.  

Cleaning and Maintenance of Faucets.

The aerator should be disassembled and cleaned frequently, depending on the quality of water in your area. 

To preserve the brightness of the faucet, a wet and dry cloth should be used on the faucet after every use.   If dirt has accumulated, remove it using soap.  Limestone should be removed using vinegar and warm water.  Plastic parts should be cleaned with soap only. 


No detergents or steel wool should be used on the faucet, and no materials that include alcohol, acids, bleaches, etc

Cleaning and Maintenance of Sanitary Ware

The sanitary ware, basins and kitchen sinks of Hamat (made from ceramic material) can be cleaned using specific cleaners for these materials that can be found in the market. 


Instructions for the cleaning of fireclay kitchen sinks from metal products (Pots and pans):

In stage one, the affected area should be soaked in bleach for 5-10 minutes, and after that rub it with a common scouring pad. If the dirt does not disappear, the affected area should be soaked in an acid mixture, with not more than 5-10% concentration for 5-10 minutes, and then rubbed with a common scouring pad.  You must use the acid mixture as per the instructions on the bottle – use gloves and beware of eye infections.  In any case, be sure that the scouring pad only touches the ceramic sink. 

Do not use a scouring pad that can scratch the ceramic.

These instructions are not for toilet seats, where you need to follow the instructions on the seats themselves when purchased.


Cleaning and Maintenance of acrylic bathtubs of Hamat. 

To maintain cleanliness and brightness, it is recommended that they be cleaned often, using a damp cloth and prevent the build-up of limescale.  You can use common liquid cleaners, such as bleach and fantastic or related items. 

Do NOT use materials that contain acids, such as acetone, ammonia,  and similar materials.  Do NOT use iron based scouring pads or products that contain sand.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Shower Enclosures

Showers are made of tempered glass and aluminum/copper parts that are chrome plated. 

In order to maintain  the design and luster of the shower for many years, one should follow closely the following instructions.


Attention!! Hamat is not responsible for any damage if the following instructions are not followed. 

  • Due to the minerals in the water and the soap, it is important to clean the shower with a dry cloth after each use, as well as to air out the bathroom to prevent dirt from affecting the silicon.
  • Do not use any cleaning items that can scratch, have steel or iron in them, or scouring pads – only a soft cloth.
  • Do not use any acids, limescale removers, or any other material based on ammonia or minerals, since these can affect the chrome nickel coating and also the rubber parts.
  • To remove limescale, the area should be soaked with vinegar at 5% for 20 minutes and then rinsed with water.  It is recommended to do this once every 2 weeks
  • In showers with strips – make sure the vinegar does not come in contact with the strips on the external side of the glass.
  • The cleaning of the glass and hinges should be done as follows:  the door needs to stand straight, 180 degrees from the hinge or 90 degrees towards the wall.
  • When the door starts to creak, you should oil the hinge, using Vaseline or baby oil.  The oiling will be done on the round profile through its length, while the door is open at a 90-degree angle. 

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions

Low water pressure or irregular pressure

הדק ביד צינור נשלף למזלף במידה והנזילה נמשכת החלף אטם בצינור

How long does it take to manufacture a custom-made shower enclosure?

Production and installation of a custom-made shower usually takes 14 working days, following the measurements taken in the field.  The measurements are taken only after the wall tiles and floor have been fixed and the sanitary ware and cabinets have been installed.