Hamat faucets and bathroom accessories

The leading and largest faucet manufacturer in Israel, Hamat develops, manufactures and markets high quality faucets with innovative designs. Hamat is one of the leading exporters in the Israeli market. It employs about 200 workers in its factory in Ashdod, working in all the different manufacturing stages; from the casting and machining of the faucets, to the polishing and finishing of the products.

Hamat invests many resources in the development of new technology, and new and innovative design, with great care in choosing the best raw materials and providing one of the most refined manufacturing processes in the world. The Hamat products are supervised under the strict regulations of both global and local standards organizations, and under high quality assurance.


Hamat Sanitary products (Harsa)

The leading company of its field, Harsa develops and manufactures products in a special ceramic factory which is one of a kind in Israel and is located in Beer Sheva. Harsa owns the Israeli stamp of approval for  different types of products it manufactures- toilets, basins and kitchen sinks. Harsa owns a number of global patents in the field of sanitary solutions. The company is constantly striving to set new standards in the range and quality of products it offers, and has adapted the must advanced technologies in the world in their manufacturing.

The innovative design, which combines a high-end international line with practical home design, sets it apart from its competitors and makes it a front line company in product quality which caters to the clients needs.

Harsa’s loyal customer base, in Israel and abroad, have chosen Harsa  for the quality, service, responsibility and technological backup which remain with the products for many years.


Hamat Showers

A subsidiary of Hamat, it envisions itself as a leading brand in the Israeli market with excellent R&D, high level world design and quality of service in the field of custom made shower manufacturing.

The development activities and design take place in the factory in Ashdod and is enriched with the knowledge and expertise of the R&D department of the Dushar factory in Germany.



Lipski Sanitary Products- is the leading company in Israel in its field. It was established in the 1960’s and was the first company in Israel to develop a plastic rivet for the installation field. Today, it remains a leading company in the field of plastic installations. Lipski has a wide array of products which provide efficient solutions. All of the company products adhere to the strictest Israeli regulations.

The Hamat Group offers the Total Look for Architects, Professional and Private Consumers in the design of bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.