Hamat Designers

Gal Bar
תמונה של Gal Bar

Gal Bar is an inter-disciplinary designer and is the in-House Designer for Hamat,working in a variety of areas: graphic design, exhibitions, industrial design and store displays. Gal has designed a number of new faucets and bath accessories, and collaborated on a patent for shower hinges.

Kobi Kor
תמונה של Kobi Kor

Kobi Kor is an Industrial Designer with over 15 years of experience, specializing in bathroom and kitchen products, consumer goods, medical devices and technologies and fashion. Kobi has a long-term relationship with HAMAT in design and development of kitchen faucets and bathroom tap collections, and in 2009 the “Wings” collection was selected for first prize in two major Israeli design competitions (ATIR and OT HAITSUV).

Alon Razgour
תמונה של Alon Razgour

Alon Razgour has over 20 years of experience and knowledge that traverses towards comprehensive solutions for diverse design challenges. Since the founding of his studio in 1994, it has grown to become an international design center based in Tel Aviv, winning numerous design awards by challenging the limitations of shape,form and technology.

Silvana Angeletti & Daniele Ruzza
תמונה של Silvana Angeletti & Daniele Ruzza

Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza are Italian designers running the Angeletti Ruzza Design Studio. Since receiving their degrees in Industrial Design from I.S.I.A. in Rome, they have won numerous competitions and awards, among them the Red Dot award, DesignPlus award, and the Adi Design Index. Since October 2015, they are the art directors of BRILLIANT and My Home Collection

Oshir Asban
תמונה של Oshir Asban

An architect who specializes in the design and planning of hotels, private homes, apartments, businesses and showrooms.  A graduate of the Architecture Faculty of Ariel University.  His work is characterized by uncompromising quality, starting with the division of the internal space, through detailed work plans, and including the smallest of details, from minimalism to a rich palate of materials and colors.  He believes in providing a complete solution which matches the client’s personality, maintaining a deep understanding of their needs. 

Ronen Yosef
תמונה של Ronen Yosef

אדריכל ומעצב פנים ,ישראלי איטלקי העובד וחי במילאנו איטליה בעל סטודיו מאז 1995 .מתמחה בתכנון ,אדריכלות פנים ועיצוב חלל, עיצוב ופיתוח מוצר תוך כדי שילוב בין האמנות למדע וטכנולוגיה.הפילוסופיה של רונן היא לשמר את הדואליות של האמנות  תוך שילוב  טכנולוגיה  בחיי יומיום שלנו.רונן עובד בשיתוף פעולה עם גורמים גדולים בעולם ובארץ כגון התקן האמריקאי,, Bonacina 1889, Campari Groupalקבוצת חמת, , Montblanc, L’oreal ועוד...