Hamat Group Ltd. is an integral part of the Israeli design world and most of the products are made in Israel. From the early years of its establishment, Hamat provided local homes in Israel with the infrastructure needed to build bathrooms and toilets and has anchored its position in the Israeli market.

Hamat owns a modern factory in the city of Ashdod, which is home to about 200 workers in different fields. It is part of a long tradition and continues to hold that tradition with the growing technological shift and the need to look towards the future.

In the beginning, in an apartment in Tel Aviv- “Hamat Manufacturer of Machinery” was established. Hamat’s first factory was built in the Nachalt Yitzak neighborhood of Tel Aviv and was a subsidiary of the “Solel Boneh” company and “Koor” Industries 1944
Around 430-450 workers were employed by Hamat and it manufactured over 60% of the plumbing and metal market in Israel. The factory moved to Holon. In the same year, Harsa was established and was the first industrial manufacturer in the city of Beer Sheva. 1952
Hamat wins the Kaplan award for increasing productivity by 25% without the hiring of new workers 1957

Hamat buys the B. Portnov factory and integrates it into its factory in the city of Holon. Hamat also establishes a tableware company by the name of “Hama” (together with a Jewish investor from England)

It was decided to turn “Hama” into an independent company. The factory was built around the construction of faucets under the Smith subsidiary. A working agreement was signed with Vulcan and in the late 60’s all of the factories under Koor which specialized in metal were combined into one factory named “Koor Metals”. With this shift, Hamat became a manufacturer of faucets only. Hamat’s products were marketed by Solcoor, and were usually branded together with bathtubs manufactured by Vulcan. Koor combined Hamat and Harsa under a subsidiary named “Merhav” 1967
Hamat’s factory moved from Holon to Ashdod. 1988
Merhav stock was issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 1993
Merhav acquires Lipski installations. The acquisition is in line with the overall strategy of the company to offer a complete product range for the building and design of the bathroom, kitchen and toilets. 2000

.Hamat Showers is established in Ashdod and starts manufacturing standard, and custom-made showers

Merhav shares are issued to the Fimi Group- a private investment fund. 2006

Transition of control of Merhav from Fimi and Keter Plastic to Nior Holdings.