The Hottest Trends in the World of Faucets, Sinks and Toilets

Faucets and taps – the most distinctive trends

The faucet is one of those items in constant use in the house – be it in the kitchen, the bath or the powder room.  Because of this, it is also one of the hottest items in new design trends for the home.  The most “now” way to decorate your kitchen is minimalistically, that easily flows next to any existing design element, and always makes it feel good.  Minimalistic faucets are also characterized by straight and clean lines, that don’t detract for a second from the functionality. 

The most specific trend (and justifiably so in our opinion)  are tall faucets with a gooseneck spout – on the one hand, they provide maximum comfort with a vertical spray that can reach every corner of the sinks, and on the other hand, they are elegant and provide a true design element in a minimalistic kitchen. 

Another trend which eases the work in the kitchen, are the pull-down faucets that come in many different designs: from those with thin, elegant lines in a modern design, to those with rounder, classic design that will always be popular. 

Also in the bath there are standard faucets, with a minimalistic modern design, featuring straight, elegant lines that take up little room – or, in short, do the job functionally and in design, but without bringing attention to themselves.  Another innovative trend that has taken the bath by storm and left the chrome metallic finishes in its wake, are the dramatic colors of black or refined white, adding a modern touch. 


To stand out or be concealed?  Hot sinks

The most prominent trends in sinks today are two opposite trends for different rooms of the house.  In the kitchen, sinks are now large and under or flush mounted, made from granite or stainless steel or fireclay, and allow maximum functionality.  As part of the minimalistic trend, the sinks are made to match the materials and colors of the rest of the kitchen – so that the dishwasher, refrigerator and even cabinets have the same finishes – and also the sink joins in the festivities. 

As opposed to undermount kitchen sinks, the bath basins stand out on top of the deck, but are still in a minimalistic styling with hidden drains that allow the water to flow to unseen  areas.   This hypnotic trend can be obtained with various designs – from integral sinks in authentic styling, to sinks that stand on their own in the classic design.  The clean look connects with other bath trends, such as the large stand-alone bathtubs which are a central design element, without any separation from shower curtains or glass enclosures. 


Hanging WC’s – to be or not to be

When the newest trend stands alone and has no competition, you can be sure that it is an excellent choice.  This is the way it is with the hanging toilets, that completely dominate designer bathrooms today.  Whether the design is classic curves, or modern lines, the “floating” trend results in a clean and refined space, where the cleaning is also easy. 

This trend looks at the smallest detail, so that also the water cistern is concealed in the wall, maintaining the minimalist and clean look popular in the bath today.  Even the push buttons come in different designs, giving us a wide range of shapes, sizes and looks. 


To renew without remodeling – yes there is a thing like this

You got turned on to one of the new trends, but a complete remodeling is out of the question?  Not to worry!!  One of the advantages of sanitary ware that does not depend on any trend, is that many times you can renew, without having to replace the complete bathroom.  Even  a small step, such as replacing a faucet in the kitchen or bath, can bring a new and enriching spirit to the home. 

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