About Us

Hamat Group (Merhav) specializes in manufacturing, marketing and exporting of a wide array of products designed for bathrooms and kitchens, specifically bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, showers stalls, installations and sanitary products, and is one of the leading exporters in the Israeli market.


The Group is a public entity, traded in the Israeli Stock Exchange since 1993 as a Holding Group consisting of four subsidiaries: Hamat, Hamat Showers, Harsa and Lipski, each company a leading brand in its own category, and household names in Israel.


Hamat’s Stars

Hamat offers a wide array of products, which together create a solution for the building and designing of bathrooms.

In the field of faucets - Hamat is the biggest local manufacturer in the market, with products marketed in Israel and around the world, in the most prestige home design stores. The wide array of designer faucets for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and the complete collection of accessories and supplementary products, offer the finishing touch and the needed functionality.

In the world of showers, Hamat offers a collection of modern, standard and custom-built showers.

In the world of sinks, Hamat offers a collection of high quality sinks for the kitchen as well as for the bathroom.   Hamat offers solutions for Architects, Professionals and private consumers in all the needed installations and sanitary work required for the construction and design of the bathroom- toilets with concealed and exposed water tanks, toilets seats, a range of pipes, and all that is needed for the complete, modern design of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.


The quality is evident in every product

Hamat (Merhav) invests its best resources in securing the manufacturing quality of each and every one of its products, for the complete, lasting, satisfaction of its clients. To do so, Hamat continuously invests in the development of new technology to augment its current and future products, with a keen eye on providing complete solutions from the product design to the specific product functionality. Each and every product manufactured adheres to a complete and thorough quality control inspection, through to the smallest detail.


When you choose Hamat, you know you are choosing the best!

The company's products are manufactured in four top of the line factories in coherence with the strictest regulations, both according to global and local standards.


Hamat “saves” every drop

One of the focal points of Hamat is the “Water Saving” concern. Hamat operates under global standards on this subject. Following a complete survey and research of Hamat’s products it was awarded the “Blue Label”, which was given as a sign of excellence in water preservation. Furthermore, Hamat allocates many resources to R&D, constantly attempting to come up with innovative ideas to help promote water conservation.