The showering experience is now more exciting then ever!

Hamat aspires to attain the Total Look for you bathroom, up until the last detail… A wide array of faucets and accessories, sanitary ware and showers, for the perfect bathroom, well designed and full of comfort with the highest standard. Both functional and easy to use for the client.

Hamat’s bathrooms are customizable. The products are offered in a variety of sizes, shades and price ranges. All you have to do is choose, combine and enjoy!.

Mix & Match for the ideal bathroom

Here you can view a variety of Hamat’s bathrooms and gain inspiration and ideas for designing your own bathroom in different designs. Using our website you may simply design the bathroom you have always dreamed of and feature in it a variety of Hamat’s products: showers, toilets, shower cabinets, faucets, sinks and other accessories. All the products are manufactured at the highest standards, and meet all international, as well as local, regulations and include a full time warranty. Hamat offers an efficient service and personal care, so you can enjoy our products and the added value of the purchase as well. 

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